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9 Signs You Have a Sewer Problem and Require Sewer Repair

Sewer line problems are not something you should ignore since they do not go away without sewer repair services. There are several indications you should be aware of that could indicate you have a serious sewer problem.

Sign #1: Your toilet seems to clog up quite frequently.

If you notice your toilet is clogging more and more, even though the waste in the toilet bowl does not seem like it is enough to cause a clog, you could have a sewer line problem. Sewer clogs develop over time. Initially, the clog could start small, such as when tree roots are growing through the sewer pipe. As the roots thicken and get bigger, clogs start occurring more often.

man digging tree roots out of an old ceramic sewer pipe in a hole

Sign #2: You hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains or toilet.

When water is running down a drain in one room and you hear gurgling coming from a drain in another room or the water in the toilet bubbles, this is a good indication there is a sewer line problem. The water is not draining correctly and is creating air that is being forced back up another drain line.

Sign #3: You have a patch of lawn that is lush and greener than the rest.

A common sign of a sewer line break or crack is when you notice a section of the lawn is greener than the rest. Another indication is if you walk in that area and the grass is wet, even though it has not rained or you haven’t watered the lawn.

Sign #4: All the drains in the home drain slowly.

All the drains in your home exit out through the same main sewer line. Some newer homes will have two lines—one for sewer waste from the toilet and one for gray water. So, your toilet might flush fine. Yet your drains could be draining slowly. This is a sign there could be a clog forming in the main sewer line.

Sign #5: Sewer waste is coming up the drain line at the lowest point in the home.

If you see and smell sewer waste coming up a drain line, you have a sewer backflow problem. There could be a break in the sewer line or another blockage that is causing the backflow. In extreme cases, the waste could backflow up multiple drain lines like the shower in the bathroom and a utility sink in the laundry room.

Sign #6: You smell foul odors coming from the drain lines.

If you notice your home is taking on the smell of rotten eggs, or it smells like someone has had an ongoing case of flatulence that won’t stop, you most likely have a sewer problem. You should never smell bad odors from the drain lines in your home other than occasionally, such as when you just ran something down the garbage disposal that had turned into a science experiment in the refrigerator.

Sign #7: You notice a new crack in your foundation.

As new homes settle, some cracking of the foundation is normal. Yet, if you notice new cracks forming, this could be caused by a broken sewer pipe and water washing away the soil underneath the concrete foundation.

Old plaster wall with cracks

Sign #8: Water is coming out of the cracks in your foundation.

Another indication of a sewer line problem is when water starts coming in through the cracks in the foundation. You need to get this problem fixed immediately to avoid structural damages to the home.

Sign #9: A sinkhole is forming.

One cause of sinkholes is when the sewer line is collapsing. As it does, the surrounding area starts to sink into the ground. If you notice areas of your lawn, driveway, or sidewalk that seem to be lower than the rest, this could mean a sinkhole is starting to form.

As you can see, there are several signs of a sewer line break and sewer line problems that require sewer repair service, including sewer line replacements. If you notice any of these signs, call Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 512-246-5400 to schedule a sewer line inspection in Temple, New Braunfels, San Antonio, or the Austin Metro area today!

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