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Faucet Repair in San Antonio & Austin, TX

We rarely pay much attention to our faucets—until they stop working properly. Often the problem is minor in nature, like a leak that keeps dripping water into your sink, but sometimes serious issues develop, often without warning. Regardless of the severity of the issue, there’s no reason to put up with a defective faucet. Call Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing for expert kitchen and shower faucet repair in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

Common Faucet Problems

A lot of things can go wrong with your faucet, particularly if this fixture hasn’t been replaced in years.

  • Leaks & drips – Aside from the annoying repetitive sound of running or dripping water, these can significantly increase your utility bill. Worn-out seals are frequently to blame for your leaky faucet.
  • Low water pressure – Water just doesn’t come out at the usual volume, requiring you to spend more time at the faucet than normal. Often, the cause is a clogged aerator and/or lime build-up inside the faucet.
  • Broken handle/knob – Sometimes the part used to turn the water on and off simply breaks down.

Whatever the issue is with your faucet, you shouldn’t ignore it. Small problems, like an intermittent drip, can get worse over time, resulting in relatively expensive repairs that could have been avoided if you had acted earlier.

Repair or Replace Your Faucet?

Some faucet problems are very simple and easily corrected, but more complicated issues give rise to a question that must be answered: Should you have the fixture repaired or replaced completely? If the faucet is old, replacing it tends to be the most cost-effective solution, as an ancient fixture will likely continue to experience problems in the future. Also, a new faucet will probably have superior functionality. Our technicians can help you decide whether to opt for kitchen or bathtub faucet replacement.

Call Christianson Today for Faucet Repair and Replacement

For many residents of Austin, San Antonio, and adjacent communities, Christianson is the company they trust for clogged bathroom, kitchen, and tub sink services and related plumbing matters. Contact us for world-class faucet repairs.

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