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Toilet Repair, Installation, and Replacement in Austin & San Antonio, TX

Professional Plumbers Provide Scheduled and Emergency Service

A toilet may run problem-free for years. Their parts eventually wear out because of frequent use. Over time, it may become clogged, which is a situation almost everybody has encountered. Unseen problems may go unnoticed, so it’s important to look for subtle signs before an emergency occurs.

Christianson has been servicing toilets and other plumbing since 1950, so you can trust our professional skill and experience. Customers have repeatedly depended on us to resolve issues and be there during emergencies. We take the value of our services seriously, but you should take the state of your toilet just as seriously to help avoid such situations.

Signs You Need Emergency Plumbing Services

There are many signs you may need service right away, or at least someone to look at the situation. A clogged toilet may only require a plunger to correct. This is often a safe and effective way to resolve a clog, but not always.

Call a professional plumber in San Antonio & Austin if:

  • Using a plunger does not resolve the clog
  • Your toilet clogs repeatedly
  • The toilet backs up and water is spilling out
  • Sewage or waste is backing up
  • Water is leaking from the base
  • There seems to be a mechanical problem
  • You hear running water when not using the toilet

It also helps to take preventative measures. A toilet can clog up if you use too much toilet paper, so limit the amount used before flushing, and do not flush any other paper product. Towels and heavier tissues can cause a blockage. Feminine hygiene products can clog the pipes as well. And, if something falls into the bowl, remove it manually rather than try to flush it; bathroom plumbing isn’t designed to handle foreign items, and they can block or break pipes.

Toilet Repair for Leaking and Running Toilets

Our local plumbers are adept at identifying the root cause of a problem, such as a bad flapper. If the fill valve assembly is damaged, we can attempt to fix it or replace the part. It may even be possible to seal a crack that’s causing a leak. Experienced plumbers also have specialized equipment to retrieve objects stuck in pipes, saving the time and cash of major pipe replacement work and bathroom repair jobs.

Toilet Installation in Austin

When replacing your toilet is necessary, we can quickly remove the old unit and install the new one. Quality workmanship isn’t the only benefit, despite our plumbers being the best. Many new low-flow toilets conserve water, so you can reduce water usage and protect the environment. They provide the same flushing power, with fewer gallons of water per flush. Prompt and efficient, our professionals are available 24/7 in the Austin and San Antonio area.

If you need toilet repair or replacement, submit a request to us online or call (512) 246-5400 in Austin or (210) 651-1212 in San Antonio.

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