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Sink Repairs in Austin & San Antonio, TX

A problem with your sink can easily ruin an otherwise pleasant day. That’s because a lot of household activities revolve around our sinks—we use them for preparing meals, for washing our hands, for filling up that jug of water we use for our plants, and for a hundred other things.

If you have a persistent issue with your sink, don’t try to fix it yourself; you could easily make things worse. Instead, just call the team at Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing for experienced kitchen sink repair and installation services in Austin & San Antonio, TX.

Common Sink Plumbing Issues

  • Obstructed faucet – Sometimes solid particulate matter gets inside the faucet and on the aerator, partly or completely blocking the flow of water.
  • Slow draining sink – If the water takes forever to drain away, then you may have an obstruction that must be dealt with. In many cases, the culprit is old cooking grease that has stuck to the drain.
  • Leaky faucet – A defective or broken seal can impede the faucet’s ability to manage the flow of water correctly. If the leak is at the base of the faucet, the cause is often a defective O-ring.
  • Leaky drain basket – The drain basket (or strainer) is the cup-like device at the bottom of your sink. Often, a leak here can be traced to a worn gasket.

Sink Installation & Replacement from Experienced Plumbing Pros

If extensive repairs are necessary, it’s probably best to replace your kitchen sink altogether. Christianson can help with this as well. We’ll put in a new sink for you, and we’ll get the job done at a price that won’t bust your bank account.

Contact Christianson Today

From sink drain replacement to faucet repair, our team of technicians can address the issue at hand and enable you to enjoy the benefits of a well-functioning sink. Since opening our doors in 1950, we’ve learned everything there is to know when it comes to bathroom and kitchen sink plumbing. Emergency service is available on request. Contact us when you need sink plumbing help in Austin, San Antonio, or neighboring communities.

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