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Home Slab Leak Detection and Repair in San Antonio & Austin, TX

A plumbing company people throughout the region can trust, Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing also provides slab leak detection and repair. There are many perks to building a house on a concrete foundation, but slabs leaks can develop due to underground plumbing which is where our Austin slab leak detection professionals step in.

Slab leaks can do a lot of damage. They present a number of challenges as well, as cracked or broken underground pipes aren’t easily accessed unless you have the right experience and equipment. If left alone, the leak can erode the entire foundation. That can lead to warping of floors and water damage inside the home, and, ultimately, major structural problems.

There are numerous signs you might need slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX. If these symptoms are present in your San Antonio or Austin, TX home, it is time to call Christianson for an immediate visit and repair service.


  • You hear running water, but all taps are off.
  • Water pools on the floor but you can’t tell from where.
  • The ground near your home is damp.
  • Mildew is collecting under the carpets.
  • There are hot spots on the floor.
  • The water meter registers use when it shouldn’t.
  • Utility bills are on the rise for no obvious reason.


A Local Company with the Best Slab Leak Solutions

Our experienced, certified, and continuously trained plumbers are equipped to find exactly where the problem is. They employ the latest technology to quickly and accurately find slab leaks. We will never rip up the floor at random. Rather than flying blind, we get to the exact source of the leak and provide instant repairs.

Christianson fixes leaky slabs with as minimal disruption as possible. Spot repairs involve opening up the slab where the leak is—nowhere else—and replacing the damaged pipe and/or repairing seams where necessary. We can also reroute pipe, leaving the broken one in place so no further damage occurs. Coating the inside of the pipe with an epoxy is another option; once it dries, you’ve got a fully functional pipe once again.

For professional detection and slab leak repair in San Antonio, TX or Austin, TX, call Christianson today.

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