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When Is the Busiest Time of Year for Plumbers?

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Need to call the plumber? Now might not be the best time!

While plumbing problems occur regardless of season, there’s one season in particular where plumbers see massive upticks in calls. While a good plumber will always be ready to help, knowing when the busy season is—and the reason why it’s so busy—can help you avoid the long waiting times.

When is the busiest time of year for plumbers?

The busiest time for plumbers is from September to December, though the busy season can extend to March or April depending on the climate. While this range may seem arbitrary, there are some good reasons why this time comes with so many plumbing issues.

Why are fall and winter the busiest seasons for plumbers?

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One of the reasons for the business is the changing weather; many homes in colder climates suffer from frozen and/or burst pipes due to the drop in temperature during this time. Even when the temperatures aren’t freezing, they can still be cold enough to cause things to “shift” enough to break something!

A more interesting reason for the increase in plumbing problems is the holidays that occur during this time. With most families preparing large meals for winter holidays such as Thanksgiving, many kitchen sink plumbing systems get clogged with grease and food waste. As a result, the day after Thanksgiving is often the busiest plumbing day of the year!

In climates where the busy season extends into the spring, rainfall is often the reason. With increased rain during the fall and spring months, many drain systems become overwhelmed or damaged due to the sudden increase in flowing water.

How can homeowners prevent plumbing problems over the fall and winter months?

While many homes experience plumbing problems during this time, there are a few easy things you can do to prevent plumbing problems during the holidays and winter months.

First, make sure your pipes are properly insulated and functioning before the temperature drops too low. Freezing temperatures can make metal pipes brittle and freeze backed-up water, resulting in frozen and/or burst pipes. While this precaution mostly applies to those in colder climates, even those in more moderate areas may want to have their plumbing checked before seasonal temperature changes.

Second, be careful when cooking or hosting parties during the holidays. Never pour grease or fat down the drain, even if you have a garbage disposal. Instead, store grease and fat in a separate, heatproof container such as an empty can or glass jar. Once the grease is at room temperature, simply throw it away or find some way to reuse or recycle it.

Third, if you have a garbage disposal, be sure to make sure it’s in working order before using it—especially if you haven’t used it in a while. There’s nothing worse than filling your sink with dinner scraps only to find that the garbage disposal doesn’t work.

Last, be sure to have your plumbing regularly inspected and maintained throughout the year. With yearly checks and careful use during the holidays, you can avoid these holiday plumbing problems and keep your plumbing free of stuffing (pun intended).

Stuffing in your drain? Don’t worry!

Though the holiday season may be the busiest time for plumbers, that doesn’t mean they don’t have time for you. While you may have to wait a little bit longer, most plumbers work hard to prepare for the increase in calls.

No matter when you’re having problems, our emergency plumbers are here to help! Call Christianson Plumbing and Air Conditioning today at 512-246-5400 to schedule an appointment.

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