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How Clean Air Can Affect Your Allergies & Overall Health

Air pollution has become so rampant in the environment today such that it is affecting you both indoors and out. One would think that being at home and keeping the outside air from getting inside a house will make it have clean air, but that’s not the case. Air pollutants range from the things you use inside your house to some very tiny particles that you collect when you are outdoors. Some harmful gas particles even get embedded in your clothes when you just go out in the morning for a jog.

The effects of air pollution

The effects of poor air conditioning services are worst experienced by children, the elderly, and people with preexisting respiratory diseases. Most allergies affect the eyes, nose and the entire respiratory system. Some people get headaches, nausea and general body weakness. It is important to contact an AC company immediately if family members experience such symptoms.

Numerous causes

Causes of air pollution are many. They range from poor initial AC installation, leaking pipes in the house, and pollutants from the fuels you use in your home. It is important to note that a professional plumbing service company can help fix all the gas and fuel leaks in time to avoid pollution.

Water leaks cause mildew to grow in your basements or any hidden places like under the kitchen sinks. This can cause serious allergies and subject you to medication that you can get through your doctor or from an online pharmacy. Fuel pollutants can come from traffic, especially if your house is located near a busy highway. This happens mostly to people living in densely populated cities. Also, a car in your garage with a running engine is a significant contributor to the lack of clean, fresh air in your house.

How to stay safe

The preventive measures for air pollution are numerous as well. Some are within your control, but some would require unique skills and proper Vital Health Benefits of Having Clean Air in Your Premisesmachines or equipment to tackle. Use of AC systems from an experienced AC dealer and having a professional AC installer install it for you reduces the risk of infections. It makes it easy to maintain a constant supply of fresh air in homes and offices.

Personal efforts like changing your bed sheets and pillow cases regularly also help in reducing the number of dust particles your loved ones are exposed to. It is also paramount for morning joggers to avoid busy highways when possible. If it is inevitable, then make sure to change the jogging clothes every morning and clean them daily to reduce the level of exposure.

AC companies always come in handy in helping you control indoor air quality in your home. As mentioned earlier, the effects of poor air conditioning are diverse. Some are short term while others are long term. Even if you have not experienced any irritation or any allergic reactions, it is still good to contact your plumbing company or the AC installation company especially if your pipes and AC need to be checked.

Although your air conditioner can give a continuous supply of fresh air in all seasons, it is important to reduce its workload when possible. This can be done by encouraging people to smoke cigarettes outside your home. This will save you the money for AC repair and will also protect the health of the house’s occupants.

Before contacting your AC contractor or plumber, do a thorough home inspection on your own so you know exactly whom to call. And depending on the extent of the damage, you will have to choose from one of the many companies available in the locality.

Among the areas you should inspect include:

1) The bathroom: A bathroom can be the source of contaminates which could be making you sneeze every morning. The cleaning detergents and air fresheners stored in the bathroom may contain particles that are too sensitive for one of your family members. Leaky pipes can cause mildew growth. Look around every corner before making the call.

2) The kitchen: Just like the bathroom, the kitchen sinks can leak for a while before you notice. It is important to regularly check under the sinks to ensure that your kitchen plumbing is intact. Proper ventilation and good air conditioners will ensure that odors from burnt food stay out of your home. Cleaning your cabinets regularly will also reduce the amount of dust and make your home a safe place to live.

3) Living area: During winter, most people tend to use any form of heating in their homes with the aim of keeping warm. Some people burn coal or charcoal in their fireplaces. Burning coal produces poisonous carbon monoxide gas that is harmful to not only people with allergies but also every member of the family. With a reliable air conditioner, you will achieve sufficient circulation of air throughout.

4) The garage: Garages are a source of gas pollutants. Running your engine inside the garage introduces the pollutants that originate from burning gasses to your home. Most people do not ventilate their garages well. Very few use an air conditioner. Storing chemical fertilizers in a garage requires you to have a good HVAC to protect your health.

To have a safe and cozy home, you should have the contacts of a 24 hour plumbing service company, like Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing, or a 24 hour plumber to solve your troubles as soon as they arise. Air conditioning is not just a luxurious service; it is a must-have for proper health and peace of mind while at home!


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