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Why Is My Faucet Dripping Nonstop?

Is that dripping faucet preventing you from sleeping? Has your water bill gone up? Putting off faucet repair doesn’t just mean more annoyance; it can lead to some pretty expensive plumbing repairs. There are some strong incentives for faucet repair. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a single leak can waste close to 10,000 gallons a year, and you can cut your monthly water bill by 10%  just by fixing that leak.1

dripping tap

Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing can easily fix a water leak. However, water leak repair depends on finding the exact problem causing water to drip uncontrollably. Here are some of the common reasons for leaky faucets.

Broken Seal

The seals of a disc faucet can be damaged by sediment and minerals. To fix the leaking faucet, a plumber will have to replace the seals. They may also suggest regular maintenance to clean out the seals from time to time so the issue doesn’t recur.

Broken Pipe

If a pipe cracks or its fittings fail, you may need more than kitchen faucet repair. Repairing or replacing a pipe is a more involved job, but it certainly avoids more serious issues such as floods and water damage from an uncontrolled leak.

Loose O-Rings

An O-ring is a small disc in the handle of a cartridge faucet. It is in the base of the handle and secured with a stem screw. When the O-ring wears out, the handle may drip; the faucet must be disassembled for the part to be replaced. A plumber has the tools, experience, and training to do this easily.

Loose Screws

A faucet leak may mean you have a screw loose, literally. Faucets have different types of fasteners, including screws, nuts, and rings; if these wear out, water may leak. Repairs may include tightening or replacing parts or may involve a new faucet or sink installation.

Worn-Out Washers

The washer is pushed against the valve seat every time the faucet is turned on. Wear and tear causes leaks, but sometimes the wrong-sized piece is used or the part is installed wrong. A bad washer will cause water to drip from the spout. Consult a plumber who knows how to fix a kitchen faucet to remedy the problem.

Corroded Valve Seat

money flowing out of a bathroom tap

In a compression faucet, the valve seat connects the faucet and spout. Corrosion caused by water sediment can cause a leak. A plumber can either clean the valve seat or replace it.

The Cartridge Has Worn Out

The cartridge, which is the primary component of a cartridge faucet, can wear out and leak. You’d need to measure the part to pick a replacement of matching size, but, instead of buying new equipment or a faucet repair kit and risking further damage, call a professional plumber instead because any mistake can cost you.

Experienced plumbers know how to perform kitchen sink or shower faucet repair quickly and effectively. When you need bathroom faucet repair, don’t procrastinate; you don’t even have to know how to change a bathroom faucet washer yourself. Call Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing today, and our faucet repair technician will find the reason for your leak and correct it, avoiding a continuous wastage of water.


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