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10 Tips for Your HVAC System This Summer

Man replacing dirty HVAC air filter in ceiling vent.

With record-breaking summer temperatures across Texas, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning system to stop working. Your air conditioning will be working overtime to keep your house cool and comfortable. Since it is running more often, it is essential to keep an eye on it to spot potential problems, so you can have them fixed before your HVAC system breaks down.

It is also beneficial to use the following summer HVAC tips to ensure you stay cool and comfortable to make the rest of your summer a breeze.

#1. Clean around the outside unit and remove any debris.

You need to ensure airflow is not restricted in any way by leaves, brush, or overgrown grass. You need at least three feet of clearance all around the unit for proper airflow.

#2. Check the drain pipe on your HVAC system.

Verify the drain pipe connected to the air conditioner is draining properly and is not clogged. You should also clean the drain pipe to remove any debris stuck to the inside of the pipe. When you schedule an AC tune-up, your HVAC technician will check and clean the pipe as part of the AC maintenance service.

#3. Schedule an AC tune-up with an HVAC technician.

An AC tune-up checks to make sure your air conditioner is running optimally and efficiently. It will help identify potential problems before they become major repairs. Your HVAC technician can also clean the outdoor unit to remove dust and debris from the cooling coils and interior where it could create airflow problems.

#4. Upgrade to a smart thermostat for better energy efficiency.

Young guy pushing button on smart home system.

While programmable digital thermostats are helpful at regulating your home’s temperatures, they are not as efficient as smart thermostats. Smart technologies allow your thermostat to learn your cooling preferences and make adjustments based on whether you are home or away to conserve energy.

#5. Verify your ceiling fans are in “summer” mode.

Switching the direction of your ceiling fans helps keep your house cooler and reduces how often your air conditioning runs. To determine if you need to switch directions, turn the ceiling fan on and look up to see which way the blades spin.

The blades should be spinning counterclockwise or to the left in the summer. If they are spinning clockwise or to the right, shut the fan off and adjust the switch on the ceiling fan to switch modes.

#6. Check your air filters monthly and change them when they are dirty.

Man replacing dirty HVAC air filter in ceiling vent.

Dirty air filters restrict airflow and will cause your HVAC system to work much harder and use more energy. Dirty filters also place added wear and tear on the system, so it wears out much faster.

For instance, even if you have a 90-day air filter installed, it may need to be replaced before 90 days. If you didn’t check it monthly, and it was clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, it could cause your AC system to work harder at trying to keep your house cooler. It could even cause your AC to overheat and stop working. This is why you should check the air filter monthly.

#7. Have your ductwork checked for proper airflow and to verify it is clean.

If your air filters are getting excessively dirty in a month or less, your ductwork and vents may need to be cleaned. Air leaks in air ducts draw in warm air and dust, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning and lowering your indoor air quality. Your AC technician can perform different tests to check the airflow and clean and seal the ductwork when there are air leaks.

#8. Verify your home is properly insulated.

If your home lacks sufficient insulation, it will cause your AC system to run more often and longer. Adding more insulation to the walls and attic will help make your home and HVAC system more energy efficient.

#9. Keep window blinds and curtains drawn during the day.

Heat energy from the sun when it is excessively hot outside can heat up your home through the windows. By keeping your blinds and curtains drawn, it will help keep your home cooler. If you must have sunlight indoors, only open one blind or curtain partially in each room or wait until later in the day when it starts cooling down.

#10. Upgrade to a new, energy-efficient air conditioning system.

If your existing air conditioning is more than ten years old, or if you have noticed your energy bills have been increasing, you could benefit from a new, energy-efficient AC unit. New units provide better energy efficiency and use less electricity to keep your home cool all summer long.

Make the Rest of Your Summer a Breeze with Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing

By using HVAC tips, you can keep your house cool and comfortable for the rest of the summer. If you are having any cooling system problems or need an AC tune up in San Antonio or the Austin Metro area, please feel free to contact Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 512-246-5400 today!

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