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Do I Need to Replace My Furnace and AC at the Same Time?

furnace is nearing the end of its useful lifespan. One question that comes up quite frequently with homeowners is whether they have to replace their furnace and their AC unit at the same time.

Front view of a heat pump

To answer this question, it will largely depend on the type of heating and cooling system used in your home. In Texas and other southern states, packaged systems are very common. A packaged system is an “all-in-one” cooling and heating solution that is installed outside the home.

Packaged systems are well-suited in areas where you tend to use your AC more throughout the year, compared to heating. They also help save space inside the home since the entire unit is installed outside.

If the heating or cooling part of the packaged system fails and needs to be replaced, then, yes, you would have to replace both at the same time. This is because both heating and cooling functions are integrated into the packaged system. Fortunately, packaged systems can last up to 20 years or longer with proper AC and heating maintenance.

On the other hand, if your home has a split system—where the AC unit is outdoors and the furnace and blower motor are indoors—then you do have a few different options when you need to replace your furnace.

  • You could replace just the furnace. With split systems, you do not have to replace both at the same time. If your AC is not that old and still working great, then you just need to find a compatible furnace that works with your AC unit.
  • You could replace both the furnace and the AC. If both the furnace and AC are older, it can be beneficial to get an entirely new split system installed. One of the primary reasons for doing this is when you want an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution for your home.

Other Benefits of Replacing Both Your Furnace and AC at the Same Time

Aside from having a matching, modern, and energy-efficient split heating and cooling system, other benefits of replacing both at the time include:

  • Tax Incentives: Some systems might qualify for government tax incentives or tax rebates you can deduct off your federal taxes. We do advise checking with your accountant to find out what the current incentives are for homeowners.

couple choosing the furnace unit

  • Rebates: Some heating and cooling system manufacturers can offer rebates when you replace your furnace and AC at the same time. You can find out what rebates are currently available by talking to your local AC and heating installation
  • Special Discounts: Some heating and cooling contractors and companies may offer special discounts on top of any other incentives and rebates when purchasing both a new furnace and AC at the same time.

To learn more about packaged systems and split systems and whether you should replace just your furnace or both the furnace and AC at the same time, please feel free to contact your nearest Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing location in Austin Metro, San Antonio, Temple, or New Braunfels today!

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