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Do You Notice Funky Garbage Disposal Smells? How to Fix a Smelly Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are great kitchen appliances when they are used correctly. With regular use, you may notice unpleasant and funky garbage disposal smells coming from your sink. Fortunately, how to clean your garbage disposal is fairly simple and something you can try to resolve on your own using these great tips.

  1. Clean the sink. Use an approved cleaning product for your sink type, and clean the sink base and exterior of the garbage disposal. Sometimes small food particles can dry and remain on the base of the sink and the top of the disposal.
  2. Pull out any food scraps or debris from inside the disposal. Make sure the disposal is shut off! We recommend also turning the breaker switch off as an added safety precaution. Carefully reach inside the disposal unit and feel around for larger food scraps and remove these.
  3. Flush the garbage disposal. Put the sink drain plug over the disposal. Pour about ½ a cup of vinegar into the sink. Next, fill the sink half full with hot water. Remove the drain plug and turn the disposal on. The vinegar helps remove stuck-on particles and flushes the entire system.

Water running into a garbage disposal of a stainless steel sink

  1. Refresh and deodorize using the rinds of citrus fruits. Oranges, limes, lemons, or any other citrus fruit will work. Remove the rind from the fruit, and break it into small pieces. Toss these into the disposal. Turn on the water and turn the disposal on. The natural oils in the rinds help deodorize and clean the disposal.
  2. Clean the blades with salt and ice. Fill the interior of the disposal with ice cubes. Next, measure out one cup of kosher salt or rock salt and pour it into the disposal. Run a slow trickle of cold water while turning the disposal on. The ice and salt will help sharpen the blades and remove any stuck-on debris.
  3. Try vinegar and baking soda to clean and deodorize the disposal. Another great way to get rid of funky garbage disposal smells is to measure out 2 cups of baking soda and carefully pour this into the disposal. Next, measure and pour ½ cup of vinegar into the disposal. Let this mix and foam for about an hour. Last, run hot water down the disposal for a minute or two.
  4. Clean the disposal regularly. Get into the habit of cleaning your garbage disposal regularly to keep odors and funky smells away. Depending on how often you use your disposal, use one of the previously mentioned cleaning methods.

What Do I Do If Funky Smells Return and I’ve Tried Cleaning My Garbage Disposal?

If you have tried cleaning your garbage disposal and funky smells keep returning, this often indicates debris, food particles, and other icky stuff are all stuck to the inside of your drain pipes. To eliminate the odors for good, you should contact your plumber and schedule drain cleaning services.

Professional drain cleaning with a self guiding electric snake

We also highly recommend you have your drains cleaned annually to keep them clean and prevent clogs. Once your drains have been cleaned, make sure to avoid putting anything in the garbage disposal you should not, including:

  • Coffee Grounds
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Potato and Vegetable Peelings
  • Celery
  • Egg Shells
  • Hot Grease

These things can leave food particles, get stuck in the disposal’s moving parts and components, and create funky and unpleasant odors.

To schedule drain cleaning services, other plumbing services, or air conditioning and heating services in Temple, New Braunfels, San Antonio, or Austin Metro, please feel free to contact Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 512-246-5400 today!

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