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Backflow Testing and Installation in Austin & San Antonio, TX

For obvious reasons, it is extremely important to keep drinking water free of contaminants at all times. If backflow devices aren’t working properly, however, your potable water supply could become tainted with dangerous pollutants. Fortunately, you have an ally in your battle against water contamination—the team at Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing is available for a wide range of backflow testing and installation services in Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding communities.

Defining Backflow

Backflow is what happens when water begins traveling in the wrong direction through a plumbing system. This can be a problem whenever there is a cross connection in the system—that is, any link between potable water and a non-potable water—that may allow drinking water to come into contact with a contaminant. Garden hoses, sprinkler systems, and washing machines are just three types of cross-connections that can lead to backflow issues.

Backflow could cause the water lines of your home to become dangerously contaminated. It can even harm the public drinking system. That’s why backflow is considered a public health issue, and why it is important to use backflow preventer devices that are designed to prevent these problems.

Types of Backflow

Backflow incidents are usually classified as one of two distinct types:

  • Backsiphonage – This occurs when a vacuum develops in the system. In this case, contaminated water becomes sucked into the potable water supply.
  • Backpressure – This occurs when the downstream pressure exerted by a non-potable water supply exceeds the positive pressure of the potable water system.

Causes of Backflow Problems

Sudden pressure failure, which can be caused by pipe freeze, water main burst, or another plumbing issue, can result in contaminants being drawn or forced into the potable water supply. A defective backflow preventer, or use of a non-approved device, may allow pollutants to pass into the system.

Call Christianson Today for Professional Backflow Installation & Testing Services

Under Texas law, any repairs, testing, and installation of backflow prevention devices must be performed by a specially licensed technician. With years of experience in the San Antonio and Austin communities, the Christianson team is well qualified to provide backflow installation and testing services. Contact us for backflow technicians you can trust to get the job done right.

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