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Should I Replace My Thermostat?

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The thermostat is an essential part of your home’s HVAC system. This component is responsible for communicating with your air conditioning or heating system to turn on and off to keep your home comfortable. When you notice problems with your HVAC system not operating correctly, replacing the thermostat could solve your problems.

The Importance of a Good Working Thermostat

The thermostat is the heart of your home’s heating and cooling system. A good working thermostat can turn the system on and off to regulate and maintain desired indoor temperatures, whether it is hot or cold outside.

When you have an old thermostat, it can show signs that it is no longer communicating effectively with your HVAC system. For example, the thermostat may send false signals because it inaccurately reads indoor air temperatures.

As a result, your HVAC system can turn off or on unexpectedly. In addition, it could run longer or short-cycle because the thermostat is not sending the correct information to the system.

Signs Your Thermostat May Need Replacing

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  1. Your HVAC system will not turn on or off. If you notice your HVAC system is not turning on or will not shut off, the culprit could be your thermostat. Try adjusting the setting up or down to see if this turns on or shuts off your system.
  2. There is nothing on the display screen. If your thermostat is not getting power, it will not operate your HVAC system. Verify the breaker is not blown and attempt to reset it.
  3. The indoor temperature reading on the thermostat is inaccurate. When the temperature on the display screen is off by a few degrees or more, it will cause your home to be warmer or cooler. Adjusting the thermostat to compensate for the variance is a short-term solution. However, you will want to contact your HVAC technician to have them test the thermostat to see if it needs replacing.
  4. The thermostat is outdated for your HVAC system. Newer HVAC systems may not be compatible with old thermostats. If you recently upgraded your HVAC system or are planning on doing so, it is a good idea to replace the thermostat too.
  5. You notice an increase in heating and cooling bills. Aside from increases from your energy provider, other increases in energy bills could be related to your thermostat not working properly or indicate your HVAC system is aging. Have your HVAC technician test your system to determine the cause.
  6. You notice your air conditioning or heating is short cycling. Short cycling can occur when the thermostat signals the system to shut off before the heating or cooling cycle is complete. This can also happen when your current system is undersized for your home.
  7. The thermostat’s technology is outdated. Digital programmable thermostats have been around since the 1980s. However, newer technologies, like smart thermostats, can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.
  8. It is installed in the wrong location. Your thermostat should be installed on an interior wall, away from direct sunlight and register vents. Direct sunlight will cause your thermostat to think it is warmer inside than it is in the rest of the house. If the thermostat is installed near register vents, when the system runs, the hot or cold air will heat or cool the thermostat, resulting in short cycling.

How Long Do Thermostats Last?

Most thermostats can last about ten years before they need to be replaced. In addition, digital and smart thermostats have backup batteries to retain settings that should be replaced every year or two. However, if you like having the latest technology, replacing a thermostat before it is ten years old will give you access to the latest features to heat and cool your home.

Thermostat Replacement in Austin and San Antonio

If you have an old thermostat, notice any of the signs we mentioned, or simply want to replace a thermostat to upgrade to the latest technologies, please feel free to call Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 512-246-5400 today. Our HVAC technicians will perform a detailed HVAC system inspection to determine if your thermostat is bad and to identify other potential HVAC problems.

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