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Top 10 Benefits of Having a Garbage Disposal

Installing a garbage disposal unit under your kitchen sink is an alternative to sending food scraps to the landfill or composting them on your own. The process is simple. Throw your leftovers in, open the tap, and flip a switch; the machine then shreds the material into tiny pieces that can pass through plumbing pipe. Although they last a while, garbage disposal replacement will eventually be needed, but you can count on a licensed plumber for prompt service.

Garbage Disposal

Here are 10 benefits of a garbage disposal for any homeowner.

Saves Time

Disposal of kitchen waste is a faster process. The garbage disposal breaks up food items, so you don’t have to make up the garbage and take it out. That means more time to relax after finishing a meal.

Less Trash

There is much less food waste to throw out, reducing the amount of work. You also use less plastic and paper every day. There is less to get from the store and fewer things to throw out.

Reduced Kitchen Odor

Once disposed of, food waste will not be left in a garbage can to rot. Kitchen odors are, therefore, eliminated. Food is ground up by a motor, and you don’t have to call on local plumbers to find the source of bad smells if they’re not coming from the trash.

Fewer Pipe Leaks

Food scraps are ground up, so there’s less pressure on drainage pipes. You won’t have to call a 24-hour plumber to fix a clog, leak, or burst pipe.

Cost Savings

You’ll save cash not requiring a 24-hour plumbing service as often. The disposal unit helps to improve drainage and protect your pipes. It also avoids spending money on trash bags and other supplies.


Although one garbage disposal unit differs from another, they can last a few years. Some last a decade or more. You might spend more with a longer warranty, although that doesn’t mean the machine will last longer.

Protect the Environment

Disposing of your own food waste cuts down on greenhouse gases emitted by garbage trucks, and less methane produced at landfills. Plus, wastewater treatment plants can use it as a source of energy and fertilizer.

Benefits Garbage Disposal

Choice of Models

You can select garbage disposal units that are most convenient for you. Continuous-feed models let you throw things in as it grinds up old waste. With batch-feed models, the stopper must be closed before the blades activate, improving safety.

Useful Features

Depending on the model, you may have an auto-reverse mode to clear jams or higher horsepower motors able to cut up bones and other hard waste. A quick-mount neck speeds installation, and look for safety covers to prevent accidental activation before the device is closed.

Repair by Plumbing Experts

Many plumbing services are experienced with garbage disposal repair and replacement, which is one more benefit of owning one. That means you can rely on the same company that fixes your drain, faucet, toilet, or dishwasher. For professional kitchen plumbing service, you can depend on Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing for prompt service and efficient repairs and replacements. Contact us online or call one of our local numbers to schedule service.

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