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Water Heater Energy-Use-Saving Tips When Using Your Water Heater

Most of us have a conventional hot water heater featuring a storage tank filled with hot water. The water heater runs whenever we use hot water. It will also run periodically to maintain the preset temperature level of the hot water inside the tank. Due to how conventional water heaters function, it can become a huge energy user that impacts our electric and gas bills.

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In order to help reduce how much energy your water heater uses, there are several effective ways you can cut your energy usage and save money on water heating costs. All that is required is some simple water heater maintenance.

  1. Wrap your hot water heater in a blanket. There are special insulated water heater blankets that prevent heat loss from the water tank. Without the blanket, heat loss occurs constantly and causes the water heater to run to reheat the water back up to the desired temperature. With the insulated blanket, heat loss is reduced, so your heater will run less frequently and your energy usage will drop.
  2. Turn down the thermostat setting. Most of us have the thermostats on our hot water heaters cranked up well beyond the original manufacturer-suggested setting, which is normally around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. By turning the setting down ten degrees, you can reduce your energy usage and still have plenty of hot water.
  3. Reduce your hot water usage. This doesn’t imply you have to take cold showers. Rather, look for other ways where you may not need to use hot water. For instance, most loads of laundry can be washed using cold water. You can also install low-flow shower heads and faucets to reduce water usage. In addition, consider upgrading your dishwasher and washing machine to a newer model with water-saving features.

Aside from these things, there are some other “more advanced” things you can do to cut water heater energy use. Some of these can require getting help from your local plumber to ensure they are completed correctly.

  1. Fix any leaking pipes and faucets. If any hot water pipes or faucets are leaking, it will cause the water heater to run more often. Get these fixed to not only reduce your water heating bills but also your water bills.
  2. Have your hot water plumbing lines insulated. Wrapping hot water plumbing lines with the appropriate pipe insulation will help reduce heat loss transfer when hot water is flowing through the pipes, as well as when sitting idle.

insulate hot water pipes

  1. Have your hot water heater drained and Sediment, scale, and other such deposits can be an issue with conventional water heaters, which reduces its overall efficiency. Having the tank drained and cleaned annually will help remove these things from inside the tank. It will also help ensure your tank lasts longer.
  2. Upgrade to a tankless water heater. If you want to really reduce how much energy you use to make hot water, replace your conventional water heater with a tankless model. Tankless heaters make hot water on demand, so there is very little energy waste.

For assistance with water heater maintenance to reduce your energy usage, please feel free to contact your nearest Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing location in San Antonio, Austin Metro, Temple, or New Braunfels today!

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