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Most Common Dishwasher Installation Kitchen Plumbing Problems

If you are tired of doing dishes by hand, are looking to conserve water, or need dishwasher replacement, you need to be aware of some of the most common dishwasher installation kitchen plumbing problems people can have when attempting to do the install as a DIY project. Let’s take a look at both adding a dishwasher and replacing a dishwasher, and the problems you could encounter.

Adding a Built-In Dishwasher to Your Kitchen

If your home doesn’t currently have a dishwasher, you will need to find a location to install it. The location needs to be next to the kitchen sink since dishwashers are connected directly to the kitchen sink plumbing.

Broken Dishwasher being repaired

The space also needs to be deep enough to leave sufficient room for the hot water intake and drain lines and electrical wiring. In addition to space and location considerations, plumbing problems you could face may include:

  1. Breaking the existing drain line and hot water line. You will need to split the drain line and hot water line to install a new dishwasher. During this process, some people accidentally break the lines and damage them, resulting in further plumbing repairs.
  2. Leaks from the drain line and hot water line. If you do not correctly connect the dishwasher drain line and hot water line, you may discover water leaking from under the dishwasher or from under the sink.
  3. Using the wrong size drain pipe. Another issue has to do with the size of the drain pipe. There are special kitchen sink drain pipes that come pre-tapped for dishwasher hookup. All you have to do is replace the existing drain pipe with the new one. Kitchen sink drain pipes do come in different sizes to accommodate different types of sinks and dishwasher models.
  4. Forgetting to purchase the dishwasher installation kit. Most modern dishwashers require you to purchase a separate installation kit. The installation kit has the connectors and other essential hardware required to connect the dishwasher drain and hot water lines.
  5. Not installing a shutoff valve to the dishwasher. When tapping into the existing hot water line, you want to make sure to also install a shutoff valve in the right location.

Replacing an Existing Dishwasher

If you are replacing an existing dishwasher, you can still encounter various plumbing problems if you attempt to remove and install the dishwasher yourself. Some of the more common ones include:

Techniker repariert den Geschirrspüler

  1. Forgetting to shut off the water. You would be surprised by how many people make this mistake. They assume since the dishwasher is not running, the water is shut off.
  2. Not purchasing the dishwasher installation kit. You may think you already have everything you need for your new dishwasher install. However, what you may not know is you still need the kit that goes with your new dishwasher as intake, connection sizes change.
  3. Not replacing the drain line. When installing a new dishwasher, it is a good idea to also replace the drain line. Your old one could have gunk, grease, and other gross stuff in it that could lead to a clog later.
  4. Breaking the hot water line. You have to be careful when disconnecting and reconnecting the hot water line. If you are too rough on the line, you could break it.
  5. Leaks from the drain line and hot water line. If you do not connect the drain line and hot water line correctly, leaks can occur underneath the dishwasher and under the sink.

While installing a dishwasher might not seem that difficult, it is often a task best left to a professional dishwasher and kitchen sink plumber. Doing so helps you avoid all these plumbing problems and ensures your new dishwasher is installed correctly.

For help installing your new dishwasher in the San Antonio, Austin Metro, New Braunfels, or Temple areas, please feel free to call your nearest Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing location today!

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