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Tips on How to Avoid Jamming Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is an incredibly useful tool that can help get rid of waste and scraps that could cause some unfavorable smells in the kitchen. However, it’s worth mentioning that there’s plenty of foods that could damage or completely destroy your garbage disposal. For example, people tend to assume that garbage disposals utilize “blades” to break down waste, but it actually uses a ring of teeth-like shredders that force the waste down the drain after it grinds it down. Since there’s no honest way to sharpen your shredders, keeping them clean is incredibly important. Such products that shouldn’t be put down the garbage disposal are:

  • Fibrous Food– Fibrous foods can leave behind some very dangerous waste that your disposal can’t handle. Potato peels, onion skins, carrots, Egg Shells Damaging Your Garbage Disposalcorn husks, lettuce, asparagus, artichokes and strings of celery can easily wrap around the grinding teeth, which can destroy the garbage disposal’s motor. So if you’re in a situation whereas fibrous foods must be put into the disposal, run cold water from start to finish of the disposal process, and dispose of the fibrous food in very small quantities.
  • Oils, Fats & Grease– Foods with grease can leave a film over the shredding teeth, which can weaken their effectiveness. The grease will start to decay at some point, which will leave behind an unfavorable smell in one’s kitchen. In addition to this, pouring grease into a drain can lead to a clogged drain once the grease solidifies.
  • Egg Shells– Some individuals have the understanding that egg shells can help sharpen the garbage disposal’s blades, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The shell’s layers have no problem getting into the shredder’s ring, which allows the shell to be ground into a sandy consistency that can clog your pipes.
  • Beans, Potatoes, Rice & Pasta– Small particles of such foods can turn into a paste-like substance when mixed with water. Once this paste-like substance is created, it can eventually clog your garbage disposal.
  • Non-Food Items – Don’t make a terrible decision by putting plant clippings, sponges, fabric, pull tabs, cigarette butts, twist ties, or rubber bands into your garbage disposal. Since these products cannot be broken down by your disposal, they’ll stick around and ruin your disposal every time it’s in operation.Your kitchen garbage disposal is incredibly sturdy, but it can still sustain damage from unsuitable items. So if you’re in a position whereas you may need garbage disposal replacement or garbage disposal repair, we offer 24 hour plumbing service to assist you at any hour. We’ll gladly send over a 24 hour plumber to settle your situation and get your garbage disposal up and running again in no time.

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