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Toilet Plumbing Troubles? Here’s When to Repair or Replace Your Toilet

Toilets are like other plumbing fixtures in your home that will eventually succumb to wear and tear. Sometimes toilet plumbing troubles can be repaired and other times you will need toilet replacement.

Signs You Need Toilet Repair

Certain types of toilet problems can be resolved with a simple repair from a qualified plumber. Some of the more common signs you need toilet repair include:

1. You have a clog. Clogs are easy enough to resolve but may require more than just plunging the toilet. Your plumber may need to “snake” the line or use hydro-jetting to remove blockages.

2. Your toilet won’t flush. This problem can occur if the flushing mechanism has broken. Installing a new flushing mechanism is also an easy repair your plumber can make.

Man using tools repairing reservoir in a bathroom

3. The water level is too low or too high. This can occur when the fill valve needs to be adjusted. If the fill valve is not damaged, you just have to adjust it so water fills to the desired level.

4. Water is constantly running into the toilet from the tank. This problem occurs when the flapper is not sealing correctly around the flush valve. Installing a new flapper will normally resolve this problem.

5. Water is leaking from the toilet tank. The flush valve gasket, shank washer, or tank bolt washers can wear out, so they no longer seal the tank correctly. These parts can be replaced to stop leaks.

6. Water is leaking from around the base of the toilet. If you notice that water is leaking at the base of the toilet, this often indicates the wax ring needs to be replaced. Again, this is an easy fix for a qualified plumber.

Signs You Need Toilet Replacement

Other types of toilet problems may require having your toilet replaced by your plumber. Some of the common signs you need toilet replacement are:

1. Your toilet is not water efficient. If you are looking to cut your water bill, you will want to get a new water-saving toilet.

2. Your toilet tank or base has cracks in the porcelain. If you notice deep cracks in the porcelain, these cannot be repaired. Eventually, they can lead to leaks, so it is better to replace the toilet than try to save it.

3. The toilet base wobbles when you are sitting on it. If you notice the base of the toilet is moving, it probably needs to be replaced.

Plumber installing toilet bowl in bathroom

4. You are spending a lot on toilet repairs. If you have your plumber on speed dial because you are having weekly or monthly toilet problems, it is time to invest in a new one.

5. You are renovating your bathroom. Many people have a new toilet installed when they are renovating their bathrooms. After all, you are installing other new plumbing fixtures like a shower, tub, and sinks, so why not upgrade your toilet too?

6. You want a new smart, technologically advanced toilet. Yep, there are smart toilets available. These toilets offer a wide range of features and options like air dryers, heated seating, automatic flushing, self-cleaning, massaging washes, and more. If you want to feel pampered, then a smart toilet upgrade could be perfect for you.

If you are having toilet plumbing problems and need toilet repair or toilet replacement, please feel free to contact Christianson Air Conditioning and Plumbing at 512-246-5400 today! We offer air conditioning and plumbing services in San Antonio, Temple, New Braunfels, and the Austin Metro area.

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