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Water Softeners

Have you ever noticed water spots on the shower glass or drinking glasses, or a thin white film on pots or pans? That is caused by “hard” water. What you do not see and is more important is the damage being done to faucets and appliances.

Most people in central Texas can benefit from a water softener, and the fact is the benefits that come with soft water can far outweigh the price of a water softener to obtain it. That said, all water softeners soften water to some degree and there are many variations available. The question then becomes, which water softener is a better and more reliable system?

At Christianson, we rigorously test various brands of equipment and only sell and install the highest quality and most reliable systems. When it comes to water softeners, Christianson sells and installs the Nugen Series. Nugen has a unique high-flow capability and other features which set it apart from other water softening systems.

Nugen Systems installed by Christianson protect you from some issues you may encounter with other softeners. Such issues include:

Water Flow – A properly sized system ensures you will not encounter drops in your water flow, even if multiple fixtures or appliances are running at the same time. Flow is measured in gallons per minute (GPM), and you can compare systems based on their flows.

Regeneration – Excessive regeneration can waste a significant amount of water which in turn costs money. Most water softeners purchased and installed in a home or business are undersized for the environment and required water usage. Christianson water quality experts will size the system properly, and Nugen will regenerate based on your unique usage so you won’t waste water with excessive regeneration.

Hard-water bleed – Indicators of hard water begin to appear if the water softener cannot provide adequate softening capability to cover your water demand. A properly sized system ensures you will have sufficient softening capability no matter how much water you demand.

Excessive salt usage – Nugen systems deliver more while consuming less salt. With Nugen Softener installed by a Christianson water quality expert, you won’t have to replace salt as often which saves you money and provides a lower total cost of ownership.

Salty tasting water – The common misconception with water softeners is that they add salt to the water making it undrinkable and non-suitable for plants. The fact is salt only enters the water system when it is not properly flushed from the resin during regeneration. Nugen Water Softening systems keep “salt water bleed” to a minimum and salty water should not be an issue.

Click here for more detailed information on the Nugen Pro eXstream certified water treatment equipment or call a Christianson water quality expert today.

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