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How to Reduce Stress on Your Pipes to Prevent Leaks

While frozen pipes are not too much of an issue, here in Texas, there are still other plumbing problems that can cause stress on the pipes in your home and lead to unwanted leaks. Leaks can quickly become a major headache for homeowners if they are not detected right away, like a slow leaking toilet soaking the subflooring in your bathroom or a leak from the hot water heater that increases your energy bills.

Common Causes of Leaks in the Home

Common Causes of Leaks in the Home

Is the water pressure too excessive?

Most homeowners are surprised to learn their water pressure is set too high. This increased pressure places more strain and stress on plumbing inside the home. It can cause washers inside faucets to get damaged and create leaks. It can also cause blowouts in between pipe connections, which creates leaks inside walls or in subflooring.

Do you have hard water?

If you have well water, then you have hard water. Hard water has calcium and other minerals that can create deposits inside the walls of plumbing pipes and fixtures. The deposits can restrict the flow of water and inadvertently cause an increase in water pressure.

Are the pipe connections sealed correctly?

Joint compound and plumber’s tape are two products that are used to ensure pipe connections are sealed and secure to prevent leaks. Without these, there is always the chance a leak can develop as the plumbing in the home ages.

Are the pipes secured with the right hardware?

The pipes should be attached to special hardware that holds it in place inside the walls and subflooring. If the pipes are allowed to move freely, the change in pressure when you turn water on and off can cause the pipes to “bang” and eventually lead to leaks.

Prevent Leaks in the Home

How to Prevent Leaks in the Home

It is recommended to have the water pressure checked by an experienced plumber. Most new homes should have a pressure regulator already installed;  otherwise, your plumber can install one. The regulator can be adjusted and turned down to reduce water pressure and prevent unwanted damage to your plumbing and leaks.

If you have hard water, you can avoid deposit buildup in pipes and fixtures by getting a water softener installed. The softener system removes calcium and minerals from the water. As an added bonus, you will use less soap and detergent so you save money here, too!

If your plumbing was not connected correctly or secured with the right hardware, this requires some replumbing work. Getting it done sooner rather than later can help you avoid the potential damages leaking pipes and avoid 24-hour plumbing service calls.

To have your water pressure checked, to learn more about water softeners, or to have pipes checked to verify they were properly installed, or if you have an existing water leak, please feel free to contact your nearest Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing location today!

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